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The following women are in our honorary circle because they have worked hard to further improve women's lives in San Diego. These women have been prominent in San Diego since our first ceremony in 2002. It is because of their blessing that the San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame is what it is today.

Donna Alm, Dede Alpert, Doris Alvarez, Sherrill Amador, Dorothy Annette, Toni Atkins, E. Margaret Burbidge, Vicki Butcher, Nona Cannon, Constance Carroll, Marjorie Caserio, Carolyn Chase, Li-rong Lilly Cheng, Virginia Christman, Judy Copeland, Joanne Cornwell, Midge Costanza, Crystal Crawford, Alemi Daba, Sharon Davis, Susan Davis, Denise Moreno Ducheny, Bonnie Dumanis, Jane Dumas, Marti Emerald, Judith A. Forman, Donna Frye, Lilia Garcia Moreno de Lopez, Libia S. Gil, Sheila Hardin, Betty Harding, Alice Bourke Hayes, Anne Hoiberg, Shirley Horton, Margaret Iwanaga-Penrose, Dianne Jacob, Gloria Johnson, Christine Kehoe, Lucy Killea, Starla Lewis, Sandra McBrayer, Ardelia “Dede” McClure, Judith McConnell, Gracia Molina de Pick, Shirley Murphy, Midge Neff-LeClair, Maria Nieto-Senour, Karen Rostodha, Mary Salas, Rosalia Salinas, Lynn Schenk, Ardyth Shaw, Pam Slater, Faustina Solis, Stephanie Sontag, Ellie Stein, Judy Sundayo, Judy Walsh-Jackson, Shirley N. Weber, Susan Weber, Gabriela Wienhausen, Wilma Wooten, Charlene Zettel.

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