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ceremony, held the last Saturday in March.
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The mission of the San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame is to acknowledge and honor women who have significantly contributed to the quality of life and who have made outstanding volunteer contributions in San Diego County.

General Information:

The purpose of the annual induction of five women into the Hall of Fame is to make women's actions and accomplishments visible in San Diego. The women honored every year will be remembered for their efforts in a Hall of Fame exhibit housed at the Women's History Museum. The annual induction is also a forum for coalition building between the four co-hosts and dozens of women's organizations representing San Diego's diverse population. The annual induction is also a fund-raising signature event for the four Co-Hosts including the following:

Women's History Museum and Educational Center is a museum, library and archive with a mission to educate and inspire present and future generations about the contributions and experiences of women by collecting, preserving and interpreting the evidence of that experience. It preserves, shares, and integrates women's stories for a more complete understanding of history.
The County of San Diego Commission on the Status of Women, established in 1970, is mandated to study and advise the Board of Supervisors on the
needs and problems of women and to eliminate the practice of discrimination and prejudice on the basis of gender.
San Diego State University Department of Women's Studies, the nation's first women's studies department, established in 1970, offers a BA, MA and Post Baccalaureate Certificate. It has a reputation for excellence in curriculum, faculty, community involvement, and international scholarly liaisons.
The Women's Center, University of California, San Diego provides education and support on gender issues affecting the UCSD and general communities. The Center advances women's intellectual, professional, and personal goals to increase awareness of issues affecting women and men.

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