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The Helen Hawkins Memorial Research Library boasts over 5,000 volumes (on site and in storage) on women's history, some rare and out of print, that date from the mid-1800s to the present. The specific focus of the library is late 19th and 20th century American women's history.

Books do not circulate but are available to the public for use during the museum's open hours. If you would like to search the library's catalog please click HERE, then feel free to browse our collection using the search box on the page's upper right corner. If you would like to visit the library or have questions regarding this website, please contact museum staff at (619) 233-7963.

If you would like to donate books to the museum, please click HERE to read the museum's acquisition policy and donation schedule.


Dr. Helen H. Hawkins,

San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame Inductee