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Women's History Museum Gift Shop

Foundation for Women Jewelry

Handmade jewelry by local women striving for financial independence.


Price: $50.00

Lemon Jade necklace set

Price: $35.00

Sterling Silver/ Gold Pearl necklace

Price: $52.00

Sodalite necklace set

Price: $65.00

Green Carnelian/ Coral necklace set

Price: $50.00

Amethyst necklace set

Price: $65.00

Amethyst/ Sterling Silver necklace set

Price: $65.00

Czech Glass necklace set

Price: $52.00

Hand-knotted pearl necklace set

Price: $45.00

Pearl/Quartz necklace

Price: $25.00

Swarovski Crystal bracelet

Price: $46.00

Carnleian necklace

Price: $42.00

Tourmaline/ silver bracelet

Price: $60.00

Red Agate/ Ruby necklace set

Price: $45.00

Jasper choker

Price: $12.00

Women's Hall of Fame T-Shirt (sizes L, XL, XXL only)

Price: $21.50

Alice "Lefty" Hohlmayer bobblehead

Price: $5.50

Alice "Lefty" Hohlmayer

autographed baseball card

Price: $4.25

Frida Kahlo notecards

Price: $4.25

Hillary Rodham Clinton notecards

Price: $1.50(postcard)/ $10.00(poster)

"Eradicate Gender"

Price: $5.00

Handmade Ceramic pins

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Please call (619) 233-7963 or write to info@whmec.org to check availability and place your order

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