Singapore Batam Ferry

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Do you ever think to have such a good holiday in Singapore and Indonesia? If you have ever thought of that, don’t worry about that because there is much transportation you can go by to get you there. The first transportation you may be able to reach is by plane. Indeed, it was super fast since you don’t need to go to Harbor front first before you go to Batam. The second way is by bus but still, you will go there by ferry for sailing from Harbor to Batam Center. The last is a ferry. You need to reach the Harbor front first and then book ticket of the ferry. What you have to do is just looking up the schedule and then book the ticket online through so how do you get it?

Simple booking

If you look up Singapore Batam ferry, you can look up from the search bar and then pick the Harbor Front as the departure point you will sail to Indonesia. There will be plenty of ferries you can choose ranging from early morning to night. It all depends on the time you are available to go to. After your choice is settled, tap the book button and go to the process. You will be directed to the payment form. In payment form, you can choose the method based on the card you have like Master Card, PayPal, Visa, Local Bank, Mol Pay, WebPay and more. Just visit and get yourself busy in booking ferry ticket. Make sure that you can reach the departure point an hour before the departure time. It is to make you sure that you will not be missed. That’s the simple way to book the ticket; you just need to sit and online to prepare your needs and accommodation to Indonesia from Singapore.

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